About Extra

Extra is the blog for everyday people. Real issues, real goals, real solutions.

There is a lot of information on the web and on social media, every split second marks the birth of millions of ‘content’ on the web. Despite that, millions do not have their information needs met. Blogging.com.ng, the network for corporate blogging, launched Extra.com.ng in July 2020 to do some bit in that regards.

Blogging.com.ng is primarily focused on wholesome blogging, that is providing wholesome information covering issues of concern to individuals and groups. We see gaps and build web resources to attend to those gaps. Once we see gaps, we launch the platforms and get brands in that area to partner by providing sponsorship for the blog.We are independent of these brands and are not influenced by the brand. We own the content, the infrastructure and the decisions of what to publish on the platforms we build.

Extra.com.ng is our general blog. Aside extra.com.ng we do not currently have any blog that is not tightly coupled to a single issue. For security, there is bulletproof.com.ng, for starting a business with whatever budget you have there is starting.com.ng, for legal options for those who want to migrate to another nation we have launched relocate.com.ng. That is the pattern we follow. We now have our ‘blog’, Extra; never mind that all those previously mentioned are blogs too.

We have now launched Extra and have it focusing on information that would largely address the Nigerian society, we believe everyone would benefit from the blog too. The originality, the freshness and the quality that goes into our corporate blogs are found in Extra too.

If you want your business or organization to partner with us or you want to partner with us as your personal brand, you can contact us. We love to discuss with people about our projects whether or not it is about corporate blog funding or sponsorship.

A quick note here, our sponsorship model is not the ‘sponsored posts’ style, you can contact us if you have content or products that you think is great for our readers or viewers to know about.

The brands that partner with us gets visibility in return. The positive nature of our blogs rubs off on the perception of the brands linked to the blogs. Only the brands that are in the same niche as a blog may partner with the blog. We rarely would put banner ads or links ads in our regular blog posts. There’s a lot of rules we follow, but this is not a post to layout these rules.

You can reach us whether you are an individual, a business, or an organization to ask us anything about blogging.com.ng/extra project or any of our projects that can be found here.

We take every communication as important and addresses each contact diligently. Contact us.